Best WordPress Database Plugins You Shouldn’t Ignore



People love WordPress simply because it makes their web life easier and faster. After having earned a lot of traction, WordPress has transpired to be the most commendable CMS among its users. It offers thousands of plugins to streamline our blog search and extend the overall functionality of our website. And when it comes to optimising WordPress database, nothing can beat the power of some feature-rich WordPress database plugins that help keep a track of our data and thus revamping our site performance.

Here is a list of some useful, top of the range database plugins that allow you clean, manage, optimize, and repair your database. They are great to smoothen the working of your site and give you a peace of mind during unexpected conditions.

Let’s look at them in detail:



WP-Optimize is a high performing plugin for WordPress. Use it to optimize your database in an effective manner. WP-Optimize allows you to remove post revisions, keep an eye on spam comments, remove transient options to speed up your website, and allow you to remove options related to pingbacks and trackbacks. The plugin can also be configured to schedule automatic clean up. It is also a mobile-ready plugin and doesn’t require any PHPMyAdmin to clean database.





Improve your WordPress performance using this nifty plugin. WP-DBManager is a highly efficient plugin that performs all the important task to improve the functioning of your database. It’s a free plugin and comes loaded with a great deal of features to manage your website database. The plugin makes it possible for you to optimize and clean your database effectively. It also helps you remove undesirable tables from your database. The best thing about WP-DBManager is that it comes with an intuitive interface exclusively designed for non-technical users. Apart from cleaning, the plugin can be used to delete, restore, repair, and backup your database.





If you want to create a complete backup of your website, then this plugin is just right for you. WP-DB-Backup is an ideal plugin, not only because it’s free, but offers a host of features to ensure smooth operations of your website. This can be a nice plugin for anyone who wants to update their website frequently and don’t use images for their blogs.

Using this plugin, you can easily schedule database backups, restore backups, and more. It also provides options to perform manual database.




Optimize Database After Deleting Revisions

This is a one-click database optimiser plugin available for WordPress. The plugin helps you to get rid of undesirable revisions, spam comments, unused tag, transients, and more. Installation of this plugin is pretty simple and it does everything you expect from a reliable database plugin. It cuts down the clutter and reduces load from the database. The plugin is extremely customisable and you can also decide which database needs to be included for optimisation.





DB-Optimize is yet another famous and effective plugin that executes an optimize table command on your WordPress admin area. The plugin makes it convenient for you to optimize your entire database with just a single click. If you use tables which are updated frequently then DB-optimize is all what you need. It keeps your database clean and load free.





BackUpWordPress is a full-fledged backup solution of your WordPress database. It comes with an automatic scheduling support with which you can create different schedules for your database and its files. The plugin comes in both free and premium version. Premium version allows you to use your cloud storage systems as backup destinations.




To Wrap Up

Backing up and maintaining your WordPress database is extremely important. A well-organized database is key to the flawless functioning of a WordPress site and secures it from outside forces. With the right set of plugins, you can easily perform this job without getting sidetracked. So, pick up any plugin from the above mentioned list and give some breathing space to your overloaded database.



by Sophia Phillips

Sophia Phillips has been working as a professional in custom WordPress development company and loves sharing information about leveraging multiple benefits of WordPress CMS in the best possible manner. Currently, she has an impressive count of WordPress web development-related articles under her name.


  1. Thanks for this Sophia
    Q It seems some of these plugins have similar features? Do you use they all or is there a preference.
    I just used DB-Optimize awesome!

    I’ve been using UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration, it’s freemium but the basic version works really well