WordPress Round-Up (October 16th Edition)

WordPress round-up

Can you believe that we’re nearly done with the month of October?

Where I’m located, Fall is in full swing and the cold and flu season is making appearances in every other house in the neighborhood.

It’s not a fun time for many, including our very own Onur, who is sick in bed today. (Get better soon, Onur!)

Here on the blog we are planning to roll out some bi-weekly or weekly updates of all the things happening in the WP world to help you guys keep up with our grow and evolving community.

Let’s dive in and get you all caught up with some of what’s been going on lately.

WordPress WordCamps in Full-Swing

This time of year marks the start of quite a few WordCamps all around the world — some, like WordCamp New York — will be held on Halloween week and should be full of some interesting festivities.

On the note of WordCamps, not only will I be going to my first ever WordCamp, but I will also be speaking at it!

It was quite surprising to be accepted, but I’m excited (and nervous) about the opportunity.

All and all, I’m most excited to connect with other in the WP community and to meet some of the bigger names in WordPress like, Chris Lema.

AMA with Pippin Williamson

Ever heard of Pippin’s Plugins? Even if you haven’t, the chances are that you’ve heard of the plugins he’s created:

  • Affiliate WP
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • Restrict Content Pro

Pippin has created and released over 50 plugins to the wild world of WP and is a great resource of knowledge on the subject of creating plugins and building them into a lovable, sustainable business.

Need proof?

His business went from nothing to over $700,000 in revenue in six years. You can read more about it on his blog.

ManageWP.org hosted an AMA (ask me anything) with him. There is a lot to glean from the questions asked and the answers given. I learned quite a lot about Pippin that I didn’t know before.

New Reddit Site Powered by WordPress

In the hopes of giving readers a better reading experience and attracting more advertisers, the large news syndication network Reddit recently decided to launch a new website called Upvoted.

And it appears that the site will be powered by none other than WordPress itself. According to an article on WIRED, there were a few reasons for this move:

Upvoted is a way for Reddit to recapture some of the attention (and, ahem, traffic) that the site loses when other news organizations take stories from the site; it serves as a kind of introduction to the world of Reddit for non-users; and it acts as a testing ground for advertisers who may be hesitant to dive straight into advertising in a world moderated by unaffiliated, unpaid volunteers.

I have often shied away from Reddit, but the friendly UI of Upvoted may make me a fan. I guess time will tell.

Posts Worth Reading

There are a lot of fun things going on this month, and it’s not over with yet. Be sure to check back here on the blog to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in WordPress.

by Ariel Rule

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