Ultimatum is your only need to create a rock star web-site with WordPress

We have included many features into Ultimatum which are easy to use manage and the results are just like you were dreaming to have.

You now can be your own web developer and designer.


Innovative Layout Builder

Ultimatum comes with a unique layout builder in which you are able to drag and drop native WordPress widgets. Unlike other frameworks you are not bound to specific add-ons. You can use any plugin any widget in Ultimatum with just dragging and dropping them in to your desired position of layout.

Easy Styling with CSS Editors

Ultimatum’s CSS editors makes you to set your desired styling with ease. Each element defined in back-end can be styled with just filling the forms and setting the options. Your web site’s unique styling is under your control with all of its aspects.



Mobile Ready

Ultimatum creates beautiful responsive websites for any device however it is also possible to create a mobile web application with Ultimatum in matters of few clicks.

Bootstrap and Bootswatches

In addition to classic 960 grid system we have been using since Ultimatum ver. 1.0 we have added the most popular grid framework choice to Ultimatum 2.50

Now creating web sites with Bootstrap and 12 bootswatches with ultimatum is the easiest use of the bootstrap and bootswatches.



Bootstrap and Bootswatches

Built for WordPress

Ultimatum is built for WordPress #1 CMS all around the world. There are 26.000 free plugins for it and still counting.


Having Unique Styling and Layouts is not Enough!

Each framework in market promises ease of use and your own design.

However Ultimatum does not only bring them but also brings you premium abilities.


Visual Composer

Not only your layouts but also your pages needs drag and drop editing. Ultimatum now features the Visual Composer.



Layer Slider

One of the best sliders ever created. Easy to use and accurate to get results. Layer Slider will be one of your favorites .



Slider Revolution

Another awesome slider! Again with unlimited options supplied. We bet you will love it!



ShowBiz Slider

The best way to create the most awesome carousels. The abilities are jaw dropping and satisfaction guaranteed.



Easy Forms

What good is a contact page without a form? Is one form enough? Again as simple as drag and drop create unlimited forms.


Ultimatum Font Library

Ultimatum Font Library

Design can only show itself with typography. Sometimes 600+ Google fonts might not be enough. Add your fonts in system and use them as you like!


Ultimatum Slideshow Generator

Ultimatum Slideshow Generator

Create Slideshows from any content in your site with simple drag and drop actions. This unique slideshow generator is only for Ultimatum.



Ultimatum Shortcodes

Creating layouts with drag and drop was not enough for some of our members. it is why we have added infamous Visual Composer to Ultimaum.



Seven Menus

We have seven different menu types in Ultimatum. You can use any menu in any place as much as you want.



Front-End CSS Editing

Edit your CSS live from front-end and se results before you click submit.



Import/Export Designs

You can simply export your design with on click and import it in another site again with one click.



Many custom Widgets

Ultimatum comes with many widgets that you wish you had known before.



Countless Hooks

We have many hooks and actions in Ultimatum and all are explained with samples.



Custom Post Types

Create your own post types and organise your content with ease..



Click to set Commerce

Ultimatum is designed to work with WooCommerce flawlessly. All options you may need are just as simple as answering questions.


It is all about awesomeness and satisfaction

One Time Fee

Ultimatum membership is only one time fee no recurrences or extras.

Explanatory Documentation

All the features are explained one by one in our documentation.

Great Community

Our community is one of the best ones out there with PRO users and our team to answer your questions.


We try to have meetings as often as we can so that we can discuss the future and also cover FAQ in forums.