Envato Licensing and Bully Authors backed by Envato

This is our formal and public rejection of DMCA notices we have recently received form several Envato authors who were led by WP Bakery. I never thought we would be in a license drama but it happened.

I am sorry to post such a long article however I am fed up as for the last month I have been bullied by WPBakery with Envato backing them. Please take your time and read it carefully until the end and share it on any medium you can so that others can read about this.

Member Spotlight : Design Conscious


Our guest in Member Spotlight today is Ian Blackford of Design Conscious. Before starting our interview here is what Ian thinks about Ultimatum in short:

Ultimatum has changed the way that I work and the scope of the work I’m prepared to take on. I’m 100% convinced that with Ultimatum, a few well chosen plugins and some lateral thinking that I can produce anything my clients require – on time and within budget. I know that when I start a project using Ultimatum that I can finish it, support it and develop it further when the clients needs change. My investment in Ultimatum has been repaid a hundred times over in paid for work – there aren’t many things I have bought in my career that I can say that about!