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Modus Free Theme from Ultimatum

Today we are announcing the new service of Ultimatum. We have been asked about some sample themes by our members since the beginning of Ultimatum and today we are giving you the themes project. themes project is kind of a theme club where we will publish at least one theme per month during 2014.

Ultimatum 2.5 a fresh start

We are proud to announce Ultimatum 2.5 is now ready as release. We have made many wait so long for this version but we are sure it is worth waiting. With the version we are starting a new clean blog which we hope you will enjoy.

Ultimatum 2.5 is not jus a version but a total overhaul and a software which will change the way you look in design.


What’s new in Ultimatum 2.5?

First of all Ultimatum 2.5 is a total re-write of Ultimatum. We have brought new abilities and better functions to ease the workflow of your design. For last one and half year since we released Ultimatum we have been constantly listening the input of our members and watched the market to se what was needed.

A dream team

We have developed our tools further to give more freedom meanwhile accepted the philosophy behind the Zend Framework. When they first started they have brought all the best tools together for PHP developers under the same roof and implemented them seamlessly so that the development would be fast and accurate. This philosophy is also now implemented in Ultimatum. We have researched and brought all the best together. Modified them to work together and compiled them under the roof of Ultimatum. This made Ultimatum more than a framework but a total application suite.

You can see the full features list on our features page

Welcoming the Developers

We designed Ultimatum for non coders however many coders were also interested on using it and asked hooks. We have added hooks in our previous versions. However new Ultimatum brings freedom to ones who love to code. You can hook into any place of the site and set your own functions with ease. We have many new action hooks and filters which we think you will enjoy.


Ultimatum was developed on 12 column grid system from 960.gs and we have modified it during time to have responsive layouts. since then Twitter Bootstrap hit the market and they are now being selected by many. We have kept our 960 grid system and also added Bootstrap in new Ultimatum. Also with bootstrap we have included the amazing work of BootSwatches. We have demonstarted how powerful Ultimatum is with Bootstrap and boot swatches in the video below.

A better User Interface

We have been adding more and more since the first release which honestly messed our user interface. At the latest state Ultimatum was one powerful but ugly tool. We have re built the user interface so that the look is fine but also the accessibility is at max.

What is missing in new version?

We have removed SEO from Ultimatum instead added tag control system which is very important for SEO too. Why we have removed SEO? First of all we are not SEO people and there are SEO people with great plugins. We decided not to re-invent wheel and let the PROs do their job on topic while we do our job.

We also removed some unused widgets and sliders from recent posts widget so to enable maximum responsiveness in designs you create.

Can I upgrade to new version?

Not yet. We need to make the old version speak flawlessly with new database and functions. We will have it done soon. Mean while 2.5 has a legacy importer, which means you can export your designs from old Ultimatum and import to new one.


We have made you wait enough to see this version. But we are sure that you will love it. And we will take it from this point to higher grounds with your valued input as always.

Special Thanks

We would like to thank Philip Ingram and John Brown for their continuous support and bug hunting.

Also to our all members for their support and patience.

– Ultimatum Development Team –