Ultimatum 2.5.1 Mobility redefined

Ultimatum Mobility

Ultimatum Mobility

Today we introduce the new release of Ultimatum 2.5 series with a huge update.

Ultimatum 2.5.1 Release notes can be found below.

  • ADDED: Templatera
  • ADDED: Easy Tables VC
  • ADDED: Theme Switcher
  • ADDED: Child Creator
  • ADDED: Parallax Effect
  • ADDED: Responsive menu Fallback
  • ADDED: Mobility (mobile apps via Child Themes)
  • ADDED: Real 100% Row for sliders
  • FIX: Footer Scripts
  • FIX: Directory Separator
  • FIX: Better plugin compatibility
  • FIX: Form Custom Classes

This version is immediate in effect We will cover the new abilities in our blog in future days.


  1. We are considering building another website…independent of the current one but complimentary…we have registered domain names available as well as unlimited GoDaddy hosting.. before using ultimatum…must we take a domain and get it hosted first? must we have GoDaddy install the latest version of WordPress before we deploy ultimatum? Thank you. Ed M. IT Manager