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Modus Free Theme from Ultimatum

Today we are announcing the new service of Ultimatum. We have been asked about some sample themes by our members since the beginning of Ultimatum and today we are giving you the themes project. themes project is kind of a theme club where we will publish at least one theme per month during 2014.

Our first theme which was planned for January but due to some circumstances released today is Modus. We hope you will enjoy Modus. Our second theme can also be watched in our themes site during its development. It will be available before the end of February.

About Modus:

Modus is designed by Dimitar Tsankov and we have done small alterations to his amazing work ann released as a child theme for Ultimatum.

You can see Modus in action at http://themes.ultimatumtheme.com

Stay tuned for more good looking free themes from Ultimatum.


  1. Really nice theme out of the gate but there are issues in the responsive layout. In phone mode, if you scroll all the way down to the “From The Blog” section; all of the padding/margins are missing and everything is thrown to the edge of the color bg and it looks really bad. Y’all need to fix that.

      • Michel

        Hi Xenous.

        Everytime I click on the ‘DOWNLOADS’ tab, it tells me I need to login to get to that page.

        Of course, I’m already logged in, and via my Lifetime Pro License.

        Is there something I’m missing? 🙂


  2. tkwazoo

    The development team is performing amazing well. I hope you continue to push the bleeding edge with Ultimatum’s growth.

    By the way, there are Ultimatum users that are more advanced developers/designers interested in faster and easier development.

  3. Rob

    I’m a noob at using 2.5…. I’m looking to download Modus, but can’t find the download link. I can’t find the Toolset in Ultimatum or the download archive. On this site the only download area is in my user profile area and it only has Ultimatum 2.5.2 available for download.

    Do you have more explicit directions for this noob?

    Many thanks

  4. Confusion is the area where “toolset” is located. Once logged in click “downloads” top right. Then second option listed is:

    “Ultimatum Downloads Archive
    You can reach to older versions of ultimatum simply >> clicking here <> clicking here << you will see "toolset" as the third option. Template is actually below that option in the "templates" folder.

    Great work xenous! You guys are genius!


  5. Prince

    How do I customise the theme. I need to change the background colour image of the Twitter menu for instance and the footer. There seems to be no option to do that.