Ultimatum 2.5.2 better approach


Ultimatum Toolset


Today we have released Ultimatum 2.5.2 which is a major version. We have done some big interface changes to back-end to match the new WP styling and also we have brought a new pane called Ultimatum ToolSet.

Ultimatum Toolset

Ultimatum ToolSet is to bring more often updates on both Ultimatum and the plugins it is containing. With physically separation of most plugins from core Ultimatum got lighter. Also updates will be more often as an update need in plugin will not need a total update of framework.

Ultimatum Connect


Ultimatum Connect BBpress

The toolset is also a new beginning of our new project Ultimatum Connect. Ultimatum Connect is to make Ultimatum and the most used plugins of WordPress play nice and clean. Today we have released Ultimatum Connect BBPress in Ultimatum ToolSet and more will come.

Ultimatum 2.3 Updater

Ultimatum 2.5.2 features an updater for Ultimatum 2.3 series. So the lifetime of Ultimatum 2.3 is officially over. We will discontinue Ultimatum 2.3 support in February as we expect all 2.3 users to update their versions to 2.5 series.

What’s coming next?

We are about to finish our first freemium child-theme for Ultimatum and it will get its place in ToolSet soon. Ultimatum Connect will grow and our first target is BuddyPress.

We hope you will enjoy the new Ultimatum version.



  1. A very nice update! 😀 I can’t wait to start playing with this, and also seeing what else is coming in 2014!
    Looking good. 🙂