Goodbye PHP 5.5

php55Yes, another milestone this weekend as PHP 5.5 reaches the end of its safe operating life on web servers. As of July 9, 2016 it will receive no more security updates. Should you be concerned? Maybe, if you are one of the many web designers and site owners whose server runs on PHP 5.5.

I see into the admin panels of many sites every day, and the majority are still using PHP 5.5 or earlier. I still see some with PHP 5.2, and many with PHP5.3. Such a security risk cannot be worth taking, surely? (more…)

Data Centric WordPress Website Design


Good planning makes a website much easier to design and deliver, making you more profit and getting the website to the customer faster and more efficiently. Let’s ignore all the fluff and magic that makes up the appearance of the website, but instead take a look at the data structure underlying your design. We are going to look at how WordPress and Ultimatum give you the tools to make your website design Data Centric. (more…)