How to chose a color scheme for your website


When you are designing a website the images, the content and the typography would only look great if you have a great color scheme.

Choosing a color scheme is not rocket science actually you just need to consider several things and follow some rules. Best of all if you are using a customisable theme like Ultimatum you can always change colors until you find the right variety.

What to Consider when choosing your color scheme

  1. Do you need to sync with an existing color scheme?
  2. Do you have your images ready? It is important that your images and color scheme should match each other
  3. What is the aim of site? You can google color psychology tips for your aim.

How to pick colors

First of all the basic and easiest path would be following 60-30-10 rule So that you will have 3 main colors to use. Three colors will not be sufficient for you color scheme for sure but keep in mind you can always add shades and tones to your scheme for variety.

Tools to help you choosing your color scheme

There are plenty of tools you can use to create your color scheme or even use pre-made ones by others. Let’s see some of the good ones of them.

Adobe Color CC

Well if it is anything about design its just normal to see Adobe’s name there. You need to have an Adobe account (free) to save your schemes. You can browse schemes created by others and get inspirations. Visit Adobe Color CC

Colour Lovers

One of the biggest online design communites where people share their color and patterns a great source for sure. Visit Colour Lovers


Tool created by Colour Lovers which creates a palette from your image. Visit Photocopa

Using your colors in your theme

If you are using a standard theme you will need to edit the style.css file of the theme to get your colors shown. If you are using Ultimatum or any other theme which supports color customisation you will not need to dive into CSS code and you would just use the forms or tools to set your colors.