Thank you @markoheijnen GlotPress will miss you

Our translate portal is running on GlotPress which is a BackPress application and @markoheijnen was the lead developer we say was because he left the project.

Without diving into details it seems Marko was upset about things happened and decided to not to contribute GlotPress and WordPress from now on. We would like to express our gratitude to Marko for what he has done since his first involvement in GlotPress back in 2008 and wish him the best in future.

What will happen to GlotPress

After Marko has left the GlotPress project WordPress community started searching for help on the project.

Well it will for sure take time to get things run smoothly at Marko’s absence. The community is still trying to do their best to keep up with the milestones and get GlotPress to the next level.

The future of GlotPress as it happened with bbPress is being a WordPress plugin instead of being a standalone software. This will not be an easy task but we hope it will happen sooner than all expect.

Ultimatum Translations

As you know we have announced Ultimatum Translate – powered by GlotPress – by the end of August and we just want to say WOW! The incredible Ultimatum Community stepped in right away and made great contribution to translations. Right now Ultimatum is translated into French and Hebrew %100 and the other languages are building up pretty fast.