How can developing BuddyPress Themes be easy and fun?

Ultimatum Connect for BuddyPress

Ultimatum Connect for BuddyPress

When it comes to create a social networking site with WordPress the choices are really narrow. The best of all and the most used one is BuddyPress which we also use in our members section.

BuddyPress is highly flexible and powerful when it comes to abilities but when it comes to style it the huge collection of files to be edited the enermous CSS often scares people.


Well up until now you should have to use a ready theme designed with BuddyPress and be limited with its design. Today we are changing it. Today we are proud to announce our Ultimatum Connect BuddyPress plugin which simply makes Ultimatum and BuddyPress talk.

As you know Ultimatum comes with Twitter bootstrap and all Bootswatches out there included. Which means our starting point is nearly 15 themes at once for your layouts which you can build on.

We have thought what if BuddyPress was using Bootstrap? What if it was generating its look and feel with Boot Swatches?

And created Ultimatum Connect for BuddyPress.

Here is the simple setting screen we have for BuddyPress which makes all magic possible

Ultimatum Connect for BuddyPress Settings

Ultimatum Connect for BuddyPress Settings


As you might easily see we have replaced BuddyPress menus on Groups and Member pages with Bootstrap Menus which means per each Bootswatch you have 2 menu options. It is not all we also added Vertical profile or group pages. We better explain it with a video just watch below.

As you watched BuddyPress websites can be easily fun sites to develop with Ultimatum. Ultimatum Connect for BuddyPress will be public on 25th of October 2014 to Ultimatum PRO license holders.

See Ultimatum Plans & Pricing


  1. You guys have done a fantastic job on this new update. (WOW) I have been waiting for buddy press and you have blown every one away, what you can do with this.
    Thank you so much