Collaborative Translation for Ultimatum and Addons


Since version 1 of Ultimatum we have included a .pot file for making it possible to translate to any language. The translation with PoEdit or alike software is not so hard but learning a new software and its perks is not an easy task. Our new translation portal allows collaborative translation for Ultimatum and its add-ons with a very simple to use interface.


WordPress uses GlotPress a collaborative translation tool based on BackPress, for localising WordPress into many languages. We have installed an instance of GlotPress to our members section and made several changes to it so that our users can easily add their locales and translate Ultimatum and add-ons we have in Ultimatum.

You can reach to translation portal from top menu of our support forum and click the Project name to see the translation sets. If your locale is not listed you can use the bottom form to create your locale and start translating right away.

After you are done with translation you can export the locale file and upload to your ultimatum/languages folder to see it in effect.

We hope that our members will like the collaborative translation portal.