Early Xmas Gift Intense Shortcodes

Intense ShortCodes

Intense ShortCodes


Let the celebrations begin! It is time to have fun and joy ourselves and also the people that visit our web-sites. Like we do at our homes, we need to decorate our websites for the season. The philosophy we have adopted since Ultimatum 2.5 is simple. Deliver the best framework with the best extras.

We already have a collection of short-codes in Ultimatum with its own short-code generator panes. However the growing amount of codes needed made us think if there were any tools that we could use in Ultimatum to have all our members needs. We came across the Intense Short-Codes plugin and we believe the tool is powerful and useful for our members. After a series of emails with the developers we have the plugin included in Ultimatum from now on.

What is Intense ShortCodes?

Intense Short-codes are a collection of 100+ shortcodes and 17 custom post types with easy to understand and use panes. Like Ultimatum, Intense is also built on top of Twitter Bootstrap.

You can have a detailed look at Intense at codecanyon.

What will happen to Ultimatum ShortCodes?

We will leave them as they are for the moment but we will retire them later in 2015.

We know that our members have an exquisite taste as they have already chosen to go with Ultimatum Theme and they should have nothing less when it comes to the extras.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


  1. As one of the creators of the Intense plugin, I will say that we are excited and honored to be part of the already great list of plugins that are included with Ultimatum.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. I have just been looking on the intense examples section of their website, man this thing is a nice xmas present ๐Ÿ™‚ thankyou and Merry Christmas to you also and everyone here.