It happened! WordPress Rest-API is in WP Core


Long waited core addition happened today! The most waited and referred as the next big thing should be in WordPress the REST API is now in WordPress core.

Ryan McCue one of the lead developers of WP-REST API project was given the privilege to commit into WordPress 4.4 core today.

McCue’s message in the commit was:

REST API: Introduce baby API to the world.
Baby API was born at 2.8KLOC on October 8th at 2:30 UTC. API has lots
of growing to do, so wish it the best of luck.
Thanks to everyone who helped along the way:
Props rmccue, rachelbaker, danielbachhuber, joehoyle, drewapicture,
adamsilverstein, netweb, tlovett1, shelob9, kadamwhite, pento,
westonruter, nikv, tobych, redsweater, alecuf, pollyplummer, hurtige,
bpetty, oso96_2000, ericlewis, wonderboymusic, joshkadis, mordauk,
jdgrimes, johnbillion, jeremyfelt, thiago-negri, jdolan, pkevan,
iseulde, thenbrent, maxcutler, kwight, markoheijnen, phh, natewr,
jjeaton, shprink, mattheu, quasel, jmusal, codebykat, hubdotcom,
tapsboy, QWp6t, pushred, jaredcobb, justinsainton, japh, matrixik,
jorbin, frozzare, codfish, michael-arestad, kellbot, ironpaperweight,
simonlampen, alisspers, eliorivero, davidbhayes, JohnDittmar, dimadin,
traversal, cmmarslender, Toddses, kokarn, welcher, and ericpedia.

The commit is not the full API but is part of it and we hope to see the whole API in WordPress 4.5

With the REST-API WordPress will totally have new abilities which were anticipated by many developers.

If you do not know what is REST API it is simply:

A REST API defines a set of functions which developers can perform requests and receive responses via HTTP protocol such as GET and POST.

What will rest api bring to WordPress?

Actually… Sky is the limit! There will be new applications with applications we mean desktop applications or mobile applications talking to your WordPress site allowing you to do everything you do without going into the dashboard. Or applications you love to use like Ebay for your store, or affiliate marketing apps like the one Amazon has… As told the sky is the limit.

The first thing to hit the market in our opinion is the SPA (single page Application) themes.