New Ultimatum Video Tutorials


Ultimatum video tutorials were getting old so our head developer @xenous accepted the challenge of shooting a new tutorial series which some of you already know.

When we asked him what will the tutorials include he answered:

We will cover all aspects of Ultimatum from zero point. Installation, theme building and optimization.

He also mentioned that the result of the series will be a free theme which our members will be able to download and use in their websites.

@xenous says:

I know Ultimatum interface is getting old. However I bet there are not any competition when compared to its abilities. I will prove that!

In the tutorials @xenous will be using the latest version of Ultimatum which is 2.8.0 at the moment and also will use a live server where the followers of series will be able to see the actual result in their browsers.

Also after each part is published you are welcome to comment about your ideas on them so we can have better tutorials.

Stay tuned to get updates about the series

To be notified about the updates of the series you can simply follow us at twitter @ultimatumtheme and can subscribe to our YouTube Channel on

Oh one last thing… All videos will be Full HD 1080p.



  1. Hello,

    Not sure if you realize how cool you folks at Ultimatum are.
    I have never seen this level of active support before!
    Your blog, videos, easy-to-understand tutorials, documentation, and forum leave me with little to ask. It’s amazing how much I can do by myself!

    I am glad I decided to buy the Pro License. I am not a developer, just a gifted amateur with big dreams. Before Ultimatum, I was stuck taking someone’s theme and customizing it, and having all the problems with style/plugin/design incompatibility. It was a drag.

    Building my first sites with Ultimatum is sort of an astonishing joy. 🙂

    Off to watch the latest video…

    Thank you~


  2. This is AWESOME news!!! I think a lot of us are “visual” learners more than anything else so this should really help anyone struggling to get over a learning curve when it comes to using the outstanding Ultimatum platform for WordPress sites.

    Very much looking forward to the series and already a YouTube subscriber so should be all set with the notifications.


  3. I think Ultimatum has matured even faster than it did at first. I’ve been using it for almost 2 years and have created numerous projects, big and small.

    The last updates are really some of the best addition i’ve seen in a while, Not so dependant of addons but really improving costumization of ultimatum itself. Keep up the good work, with Ultimatum I’m able to create beautiful sites in 2 days from scratch, best ROI ever!