Ultimatum 2.8 Full control over Bootstrap

Ultimatum-DT-BGWe are proud to announce Ultimatum 2.8 which is the last major release of Ultimatum 2+ series is now ready.

With this version we are encouraging our users to use Twitter Boostrap 3 (latest) while creating their themes as Ultimatum 2.8 is giving them abilities no other theme gives.

Let’s have a look at the new abilities

Widget Templates

Isn’t it boring to have all widgets in one side bar to have the same look and feel? Well Ultimatum is not using sidebars but is using Widgets for sure and we have created Widget Templates for overcoming the boringness of widgets in sidebars and Ultimatum Layouts.
We have included all possible Twitter Bootstrap templates for your widgets. If you even get bored off of them you can simply add yours.

Widget Extras

Show/Hide widgtes per device thanks to Bootstrap add your own custom classes to widgets to style them further.

Two new Widgets

We have added a WYSIWYG Widget as well as an easy to use image widget in our widgets collection.

Advanced Layout Options

You can set your layouts to be fluid or not you can set headers to be sticky or left sided even right sided.
Footer can be sticky at bottom or your content can be stretched to make footer at bottom.

Sources from CDN

Ultimatum now is able to load Javascripts and CSS files from public CDN serves like maxcdn and jsdelivrr

Also with one click all Bootstrap and Bootswatch themes can be loaded from bootstrap CDN

That is not all

We have improved Ultimatum base code, import/export functions, CSS settings, alpha transparency for background colors, many small bugfixes and several user requested options. the Complete Change log can be found in our documentation.

Not very Clear?

Here is a video from our Head Developer @xenous


  1. You’re the best. πŸ™‚ Exactly these functions, which i was looking for! Thanks Ultimatum-Team, you’re making my workflow easy, but powerful. And sorry for my bad English! πŸ™‚

  2. Great update with awesome new features. You guys never fail to impress! Thanks for this and thanks in advance for the upcoming tutorials.

  3. Great work xenous – new version is well worth the wait!
    Loving the new features – the image widget will make our lives so much easier and the WYSIWYG widget is also a neat touch.

    The new Bootstrap 3 features are also really welcome.

    Great work and looking forward to the new videos!

  4. Ducktape

    Very impress with Ultimatum 2.8 and, to all of the team, thank you for the hard work.

    The current 2.8 feature release blows my mind so now I am more than anxious to see the upcoming 3.0.