Wonder Loops the WordPress Loop Generator

Wonder Loops - WordPress Loop Generator

Wonder Loops : WordPress Loop Generator

WordPress is a powerful Content Management system Thanks to its support for custom post types and custom fields. However building loops for your post types and fields is not so easy if you are not a developer who has knowledge of PHP. With Ultimatum our top most promise is to lower the need of coding even to eliminate it. It is why we have created our WordPress Loop Generator which we call Wonder Loops.

When you start creating your web site you think that it would be awesome to have each post type have their own look and have their own custom abilities. This is possible thanks to WordPress’ extendibility however generally proven not to be an easy task.

How Ultimatum simplifies this task?

If we check the requirements for a custom content display we will realise we need to:

  1. Create custom Post types and taxonomies
  2. Create custom fields for our post types
  3. Create a loop that will show your data in the way you want.

All those three tasks require knowledge of PHP in levels basic to advanced. For all three items Ultimatum supplies solutions.

Custom Post Types and Taxonomies

Since the first version of Ultimatum it has a UI which allows the user create unlimited post types with taxonomies with use of simple on off switches. So this problem was already solved in Ultimatum from the beginning.

Create custom fields for our post types

This is where Wonder Loops chimes in first time with a customised version of Advanced Custom Fields Plugin. we have customised it to our specific needs to add Custom fields with ease and without coding requirements.

Create a loop that will show your data in the way you want.

This is the core and the most difficult part even if you use ACF as you need to get your hands dirty and write the code yourself. Wonder Loops shows its power right here and eliminates the need of writing a single line of code. As you know Ultimatum is bundled with powerful page builder plugin Visual Composer and our WordPress loop generator Wonder Loops uses Visual composer as backend with new elements in it and lets you drag and drop all your post related fields and items in the way you want with the style you want.


Wonder Loops is at very starting point but yet is one of the most powerful WordPress Loop Generators out there. We will be developing this plugin further with the input of our members.

Wonder loops is a free plugin for our PRO license holders.
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  1. akash

    currently trying out the testbed, but i don’t see an option for adding Custom fields for custom post types ?? am i missing something ??

    also is there a way i can try out the Buddypress connect in the testbed ?

    thankyou 🙂