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Ultimatum Parallax is Ready to Download

Ultimatum Parallax is a one page template and it has some extra features like custom coded CSS3 effected post types, smooth scroll menu etc.

With this child theme we are trying to show  how easy to create a one page site by using Ultimatum Theme.

About Ultimatum Parallax:


As you all may know Ultimatum Theme is not only a framework for creating templates. It is also a design suite. Ultimatum Parallax is designed by Ultimatum Theme developers by using Ultimatum Theme.

You can see the demo of Ultimatum Parallax at this link:

Ultimatum Connect WooCommerce

Fellows at WooCommerce have just recently released a major update and they as always did a great job. This however needed some action to be taken by theme and framework developers as they had many changes in code as well.

To deliver our users the most stable and functionality rich integration and to maintain this integration easily we have included WooCommerce integration with Ultimatum as a part of our recently announced project Ultimatum Connect.

Ultimatum Connect WooCommerce

Ultimatum Connect WooCommerce


From version 2.5.3 of Ultimatum – which is a minor release – we are separating WooCommerce integration from Ultimatum core and including it as a plugin with Ultimatum Connect Project. All our Pro and above license holders can download the plugin and use it freely from their toolset dashboards or Downloads section of our members network.

Ultimatum Themes

Today we are announcing the new service of Ultimatum. We have been asked about some sample themes by our members since the beginning of Ultimatum and today we are giving you the themes project. themes project is kind of a theme club where we will publish at least one theme per month during 2014.

Our first theme which was planned for January but due to some circumstances released today is Modus. We hope you will enjoy Modus. Our second theme can also be watched in our themes site during its development. It will be available before the end of February.

About Modus:

Modus is designed by Dimitar Tsankov and we have done small alterations to his amazing work ann released as a child theme for Ultimatum.

You can see Modus in action at

Stay tuned for more good looking free themes from Ultimatum.

Ultimatum 2.5.2 better approach

Today we have released Ultimatum 2.5.2 which is a major version. We have done some big interface changes to backend to match the new WP styling and also we have brought a new pane called Ultimatum ToolSet.

Ultimatum Toolset



Ultimatum ToolSet is to bring more often updates on both Ultimatum and the plugins it is containing. With physically separation of most plugins from core Ultimatum got lighter. Also updates will be more often as an update need in plugin will not need a total update of framework.

Ultimatum Connect


The toolset is also a new beginning of our new project Ultimatum Connect. Ultimatum Connect is to make Ultimatum and the most used plugins of WordPress play nice and clean. Today we have released Ultimatum Connect BBPress in Ultimatum ToolSet and more will come.

Ultimatum 2.3 Updater

Ultimatum 2.5.2 features an updater for Ultimatum 2.3 series. So the lifetime of Ultimatum 2.3 is officially over. We will discontinue Ultimatum 2.3 support in February as we expect all 2.3 users to update their versions to 2.5 series.

What’s coming next?

We are about to finish our first freemium child-theme for Ultimatum and it will get its place in ToolSet soon. Ultimatum Connect will grow and our first target is BuddyPress.

We hope you will enjoy the new Ultimatum version.


What a great year was 2013 and What is to come in 2014

We are leaving 2013 behind in a few days and will be living in a new year 2014…

We would love to thank our community’s valued members who made it possible for all our achievements in 2013. With your support and never ending faith in us we were able to bring Ultimatum into greater heights. The youngest among theme builders is now known well thanks to you.