Increase your site’s conversion rates with Convertplug

The simple fact all marketers will tell you is that 90% of your website visitors will not visit you again. This fact can be overcome with several ways and the most effective one is e-mail. Yes, the e-mail is the king when it comes to marketing. We will not speak of numbers and analytics in this post as you can easily find them in Internet with simple searches. What we are going to say is that we have agreed with our fellows at Brainstorm Force to include Convertplug into Ultimatum.

Bringing Flexbox to the Ultimatum Menu

FlexBox is often described by those who stumble upon it as the ‘Holy Grail’ of web design. The problem is that it is not so well supported by older browsers, and Internet Explorer in particular. But not any more, thanks to the folks at 10up, who have open sourced Flexibility, a polyfill that uses JavaScript to allow FlexBox to work with Internet Explorer versions 8 and 9. (more…)

Using Search & Filter Pro with Ultimatum

Yesterday (24 January 2016), we released the Ultimatum 2.8.7 and WonderLoops 2.0.8. Aside from addressing some bugs, adding support for PHP7 and pagination in the Custom Loop widget, these new versions of Ultimatum and WonderLoops added support for the amazing Search & Filter Pro plugin from Designs & Code. The development teams from both Ultimatum and Design & Code worked together to integrate our products. So, what’s the story? (more…)

WordPress Round-Up (October 16th Edition)

WordPress round-up

Can you believe that we’re nearly done with the month of October?

Where I’m located, Fall is in full swing and the cold and flu season is making appearances in every other house in the neighborhood.

It’s not a fun time for many, including our very own Onur, who is sick in bed today. (Get better soon, Onur!)