Where to Find Free Stock Images for your website? The Ultimate list

Sample image from StockSnap

Images are the essential part of the web design. You need to select the correct image to tell your story and bring your design out.

There are plenty of companies selling stock images and you can generally find a suiting image to your need in those web sites. However sometimes there comes a point where you cannot afford the price. Thankfully there are several sites giving out free images and they can suit your needs. (more…)

Envato Licensing and Bully Authors backed by Envato


Update: After many emails and conversation all authors agreed to our case. Thank you for your support meanwhile.

This is our formal and public rejection of DMCA notices we have recently received form several Envato authors who were led by WP Bakery. I never thought we would be in a license drama but it happened.

I am sorry to post such a long article however I am fed up as for the last month I have been bullied by WPBakery with Envato backing them. Please take your time and read it carefully until the end and share it on any medium you can so that others can read about this.